Sunday, September 25, 2011

Amazing Chiangmai

Whew! Chiangmai's mission accomplished. Our first day attempt on ATV failed due to heavy downpour but was compromised by hugging 2 live adult tiger, scary an experience of a lifetime.

Second day went discovering fabled golden triangle and visited Lao and Myanmar. Ended our day visiting my long anticipated  Karen "long neck" tribe.  

With excellent weather on our 3rd day, our ATV ride was achieved. After that, I had an unanticipated surprise fishing at Bosang lake and was rewarded with few Mekong Catfish from smallest 4kg to 23 kg largest  which I've landed single-handedly.

Ended our last day trying our hand on Mircolight, gliding through Mekong dam. A really wonderful experience flying through the breath taking country side and witnessing a ring of rainbow encompassing the shadow of my glider. Rest of the day spent browsing city street of Chiangmai.

Amazing & fulfilling Chiangmai vacation!

Long time no blog...

Since I moved to Guangzhou, I didn't get any chance to login to blogger. Really missed it! too bad this won't be long coz I'll be back to GZ again tomorrow...

Monday, January 10, 2011

I am back! @ New home in Guanghou

Yeah, my parcels have arrived! After almost 4months of waiting, finally I get back all my stuffs especially the winter clothes and my favorite Scrapbooking goodies (although it’s only partial of my inventory)! Now I really feel I am at “home” after filling all my clothes, shoes, books, scrapbook items, etc into wardrobe, cupboard, cabinets… you have no idea how I have been living in an “empty” house for the past few months, not that my new apartment in GZ is no good, just that I am so used to have a lot of “junk” around me, so it is hard for me to live without them, specially scrapbooking… I am so glad that I can start my art & craft again! Oh yes, it give me a reason to blog again! Although I had a hard time to blog in China, but I’ll try… for the sake of scrapbooking, haha…