Monday, May 24, 2010

May, National scrapbooking month

It has been busy month for me; I can’t even make time to take photos of my layouts although I have completed it long ago… finally there are here to share with you…

Beginning of the month I come across this website:- CreativeScrappers which offer many cool sketches and incredible DT works sharing. Immediately I was inspired and scrapped 3 layouts based on CreativeScrappers sketches

This layout is based on 27th April 2010 CreativeScrapper sketch; it is my favorite photo of us in Borobudur, Indonesia. I played with glimmer mist to make the background look more interesting *after attending MWL Jasmine’s glimmer mist class, this is my first trial with a bit of “pro” techniques, Lol…*

An old photo of me in Rome, in front of Trevi Fountain; due to the low resolution of the picture, I have edited it to monotone with single colour and printed in smaller size. So sketch 92 is perfect for me to follow and scrap with small size photo. Here I added the tag at the side which I thought I’ll do some journaling, but I realised that I can’t recall much about the trip as it is almost 7 years ago. So I decided to leave it blank *sob sob* 


This is one of the photos of my recent Siem Reap trip; I love it so much because the photo was taken in a local bookstore which gives a very vintage style and feel. Sketch 102 works for me as I can layer difference pattern papers with newspaper, letter, postage stamp, music note and map images to tell my story “Dedicated to TRAVEL, my favourite subject.”

Talking about Siem Reap trip, I decided to make a present to my friends YY and BH about our fun experience together for their keepsakes. For YY, I altered a photo frame which I bought from Daiso, and printed a photo of 3 of us in front of Angkor Wat, I hope she will like it.

Still thinking of what to do for BH, perhaps another photo frame alteration?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Scoop on Sizzix @ Made With Love - Vol. 2 May/June 2010‏

The 2nd issue of Made With Love's Scoop on Sizzix is out! This months’ theme is 'Celebrations'. For me, I did gift and alter art as DT inspiration's projects. There you go...

Spring- Suitcase Gift
Featured: Bigz Die Extra Long: Bag, Suitcase 656115

A little suitcase that made with latest American Craft papers & embellishment, an ideal gift for spring giveaway! To create an interesting packaging, you may use difference pattern paper for the side profile, just like what I did with this suitcase.

Full of LOVE- Hanging banner for baby shower
Featured: Bigz Die Heart& Star, Scallop 655917; Sizzlits Decorative strip Slobbery Kiss 655113

Hang your own made “baby cloth” banners for baby shower celebration! Scallop star shape is perfect for mass-production to accessorize the baby clothes in difference colour. For the text, you can either cut it out from pattern papers or use Sizzlits strips’ alphabets like I did.

Happy Birthday – Make a cake from a pie
Featured: Bigz Die Extra Long: Box,Pie 656089; Heart, Decorative 654709; Flower & Leaf 655829; Flower, Build a flower 655974; Sizzlits Decorative Strip 655427

Every year I am looking forward to birthday celebration because I can choose my favorite cake to eat. This year I made a very special cake from Pie shape Sizzix Die. Although I can’t really eat it but I have inserted it with candies and decorated it with flowers. The idea is to “serve” it as small gift to people who celebrate birthday with me at the end of the day.

Spring - Decoration
Featured: Sizzlits Decorative label set#3 656322; Sizzlits Decorative strip Naturally Serif 655112

Simple deco for the spring! Recycle the chicken essence bottle with pattern papers, ribbon, flowers and embellishments. Make the stand pole with Sizzlit label and satay stick. Viola, all done in 15mins.

(Heart) Note – Magnet
Featured: Bigz Die Heart& Star, Scallop 655917; Sizzlits Decorative strip Monograms 655591

Make over a Daiso magnet clip for your love notes with scallop heart shape and bird cage (and bird too…) Everyday is Valentine’s Day!


Hope you enjoyed reading this issue of Made With Love's Scoop on Sizzix, now I need to work on the 3rd issue projects real soon :)

Awesome Angkor! *Nostalgic Chapter*

Ta Prohm, one of the major temples of Jayavarman VII gives a romantic atmosphere with a lot of large silk-cotton trees and strangler fig intertwined among the ruins.

Similar to Ta Prohm, Preah Khan is much more than a temple. It was a Buddhist university and a city itself...





As usual, jump when ever, where ever I can...
Have enough of temple?! Well, the next stop we hit to Tonle Sap Lake to see Chong Khneas, a floating village at the edge of the lake closest of Siem Reap. It is an interesting but over-tourist spot. Our “sleeping” boatman “occasionally” point out the differing Khmer and Vietnamese floating households and the floating markets, clinics, schools and other boatloads of tourists... 




Alright, that’s more or less the gist of our excursion in Siem Reap. Is time to do what we always done well in the town... i.e. shopping, eating, and massaging... Ciao...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Awesome Angkor! *Colorful chapter*

It’s so beautiful… I finally make it to Siem Reap where the ancient Angkor Wat is. Me, YY & BH have a good time there… over 6days in Siem Reap, we eat, we drink, we massage, we blar blar… and the most important is, we sweat together! It was a very hot season and we just can’t stop sweating even though we are just sitting there and no moving. But good thing is, me & YY have a very good excuse to buy more shirts, haha… we end up buying a lot of colorful shirts, hats & scarves so that we can wear it, then pose in front of these ancient ruins. I have picked some of my favorite shots in difference spots and let’s see the result…

In Banteay Srei, with exquisite decorative carving in pink sandstone

3 of us with funny posing

Kral Spean, where you can find the scuptures carved in the river-bed, including the hundred of Lingas 

This is a serious pose, lol...

Angkor Wat, one of the man made wonder... 

we run, run, run...

we rest...

and we jump too...

At Bayon, you will see a complex of face towers

and our faces too...

Bantaey Samre, i love it being so remote & peaceful... see how relax we are

Now I’ll end this part with this favourite shot. I love the contrast of the light on YY’s face with BH as background.

Next, I'll show you few more photos that w shoot on Ta Prohm (famous for its’ silk-cotton trees entwined among ruins) and the rest of the temples