Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blog Challenge #6: Paper Flowers - by My Mind’s Eyes

This is my first time participating in My Mind’s Eyes challenge. All the while I adore this brands’ papers very much, especially the Denne’s Penny Lane series. I bought the whole series and I had used most of it’s’ papers & cardstock die-cuts in this layout.

For this layout’s flower design, I was inspired by the flower motif that I wear in the photo, a purple & white color flower with a lot of petals. So I decided to mimic the design with my own interpretation. Viola…

Flower type 1 instruction-
I used Sizzix die-cut to cut out the flower’s petal shape, then I fold some of it to make a smaller flower. I also bend the edges of the die-cut to make it more dimensional. Once it is done, inked it with distress ink, then overlay die-cut in difference orientation, sizes and color to make the flower look blossoms. Lastly, I used either bead or pebbles to finish the flower.

Flower type 2 instruction-
This is the simple one. I used Martha Stewart punches to partially punch out the flower petals, then inked it with distress ink and bend the edges to make it “stand out” from the paper, and here you can see the cream cardstock that I placed underneath.

I really had fun doing it and thanks for watching. Feel free to drop a comment too…

Friday, December 11, 2009

I am so... in Xmas mood

There are so many Christmas papers, embellishments in the market now. What a happy season! I pick up these pattern papers from the store few weeks ago and I know I am going to scrap about Christmas...

This is the layout about how I shop for Christmas deco during my trip in Wuhan back in year 2005. Gosh, so long ago... I look so young and had a lot of fun as you can see…

This one is last year Xmas celebration layout, dinner with family. I used a very “Christmas” color and recycled one of the gift ornament as main embellishment in the layout.


For this layout, although it’s not about Christmas but it is taken during winter time in Milan. I remember very clearly that it’s a snowy white morning, so I decided just keep it simple and “colorless” to memories the true beauty of the day

And now I gotta scrap more about this festive season, because I bought too much winter theme paper / embellishments... oops...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Borobudur, I’m coming….

So exciting! We (Jay&me) just booked our air ticket and hotel to Borobudur Indonesia for our Xmas& New year excursion. Looking forward to see the world's largest Buddhist monument and test on my new bought digital SRL camera... stay tune!

Yokoso! Japan – Part 2: Reunion at Tokyo

I've lose touch with one of my Japanese language sensei **teacher – Oginuma san for more than 5 years. It is so excite to see her in Tokyo and to learn that she is still teaching and doing fine. Although I had forgot most of my Japanese words, but we have no problem to catch up our missing time and gossip about people we know. She bought me & Eileen to a famous Katsu-don restaurant in Shinjuku. It serve super yummy Pork Cutlet Donburi and Eileen claim this is the best cutlet that she ever had…

Me & Oginuma sensei

I did a simple 8' x 8' layout of both of us, will send it to Oginuma sensei in Japan for keepsake :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yokoso! Japan – Part 1: Reunion @ Osaka

Okaerinasai! Singapore… means Welcome home! I went to Japan for 10 days with Eileen. This is Eileen’s first trip to Japan and I eventually become her tour guide cum translator in this trip. It is fun and I am so glad to meet our friend – Joan again. She is already mother of 2 years old boy and fully adapted in Japanese society. We stay in her little apartment for the first few days before we move up to Tokyo. It has been very good reunion for 3 of us after a long time. There are so many changes in our life and we had a good chat about our husbands, our families, our works … one thing for sure, our friendship won’t never change even we are far apart or getting older

Left to right: Joan, me & Eileen at Osaka

Joan & her boy - Junya

Me & Eileen, on our way to Joan's house

Yummy dinner... Hokkiado crab

Shopping! I bought my digital SLR camera - Nikon D5000 with 2 lens, and Burberry Blue label bag