Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My "sew" piece -- Simply apron

Is time to play my new toy—sewing machine!! Thanks to Aunty Tan who sold the sewing machines to me was patient enough to teach me how to operate the machine and some basic tricks of sewing last week.

As usual, before really know sewing, I do my shopping first. I bought a lot of difference foots, needle, colourful thread, scissor, fabrics and some stuffs that I wanted to do some alteration. But right after I jump start it, I realised sewing wasn’t as easy as I thought. Perhaps Aunty Tan make it look easy to me. Well, after a few rounds of failures, I finally able to add some trims on my apron! See how it turns out! **err... please do not look at the details**

The apron that I bought from Artfriend...

After my "magic" touch...

Although I have spray glimmer mist and sew some ribbons, trims and stamping on my apron, I still find it look very plain. So I have decided to make myself a brooch with my initial on it.

First I pick a little girl motif from a fabric and cut it out, and then paste it down with a card board. Following, stuffing some sponge and sew around its’ perimeter. After that I used hot gun to secure it on the pin and finish it with some beads, button and font chipboard. I tied pink gauze at the corner to give a final soft touch. I totally love the end result and it definitely completed my “artistic” apron look.

Last warming, don’t look at the details too close... haha...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2006 Doha

It’s a bit late, I still working on May’s sketches as my schedule is so pack up recently. Anyway there’s a saying, better be late than none. I have used sketch to work on 2 pages of my trip to Doha, where held the 15th Asian Games from December 1 to December 15, 2006. I am lucky to be there for the opening ceremony and a day of visit to witness some games in Khalifa Stadium. So I decided to make a “ying-yang” layout to reflect a day and a night of my time in Doha.

Blueprint's sketch 48

My "Ying & Yang" pages


P/s: these is my first attempt sewing my layouts with sewing machine, wow, so cool!

GDT for CreativeScrappers

Wow, I was featured! This is my first time being invited to be guest designer for a sketches portal and I feel so honour! Check it out  CreativeScrappers

Opps, realised my first paragraph in the introduction got grammar error. Well, never mind, everything have its first time. I make the correction myself...

"Month’s before my wedding, my fiancĂ©e presented me a scrap book to archive our events leading to our marriage. This unexpected event somehow captured my interest in scrapbooking and brought me into the exciting world of scrapbooking."

What an experience :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Some sharing of what’s happening last week… I am in the mist of “Sizzix-ing… means I am working on some Sizzix projects for this month MWL Scoops newsletter… then I used some leave over cut out from Sizzix Bigz Die 655211 - Bird w/Leaves & Flower to make a quick alter of notebook cover 



And I would like to thanks to Yan & Adon for the lovely overnight crop on 29th May, it is so fun and this is my first over-night crop!! See it?!

Yan is such a nice host, not just letting us messing her house, but she also did a canvas layout for me and Adon, can you believe it? This is my first scrapbooking layout that I ever receive! I feel so touch… ~~You ^heart^ Me!

See our panda eyes… 

So sleepy... 
But you guys make my night!!

And I got my hands on this new arrival Sizzix ScoreBoards XL Die 656546 - Box w/Scallop Flap & Flowers; it is so easy to make a hard case box with this die! I matched it with some buttons and cut-out of Bigz Die 655974- Flower, Build a flower. Isn’t it lovely?

Wish there’s more crop party to come... May the ^inspiration^ force be with you & me, haha…

“Sew” happy

Finally I bought my first ever sewing machine last week! Yep, I don’t know how to sew but I tell myself I got to learn… but first let’s reveal my new addition in my hobbies’ toy… yeah!

Can’t wait to get my hands on it… but first I really need to know how to operate it, sigh…