Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My "sew" piece -- Simply apron

Is time to play my new toy—sewing machine!! Thanks to Aunty Tan who sold the sewing machines to me was patient enough to teach me how to operate the machine and some basic tricks of sewing last week.

As usual, before really know sewing, I do my shopping first. I bought a lot of difference foots, needle, colourful thread, scissor, fabrics and some stuffs that I wanted to do some alteration. But right after I jump start it, I realised sewing wasn’t as easy as I thought. Perhaps Aunty Tan make it look easy to me. Well, after a few rounds of failures, I finally able to add some trims on my apron! See how it turns out! **err... please do not look at the details**

The apron that I bought from Artfriend...

After my "magic" touch...

Although I have spray glimmer mist and sew some ribbons, trims and stamping on my apron, I still find it look very plain. So I have decided to make myself a brooch with my initial on it.

First I pick a little girl motif from a fabric and cut it out, and then paste it down with a card board. Following, stuffing some sponge and sew around its’ perimeter. After that I used hot gun to secure it on the pin and finish it with some beads, button and font chipboard. I tied pink gauze at the corner to give a final soft touch. I totally love the end result and it definitely completed my “artistic” apron look.

Last warming, don’t look at the details too close... haha...

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