Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finally I am there… Singapore Zoo’s entrance… and our version of night safari

After upgrading my bike’s fork to Talas , Chris King headset and white Spank wheelset, I am ready to go for another spin.

Setting off from Clementi home, riding all the way down via Bukit Batok, then passing through Hill View, then turning into Bukit Timah Road and towards Dairy Farm Road via Zheng Hua. Cutting through a small dirt trail, we rode into a mountain biking trail known as T15. After some steep climbing and some bumpy trails, we reach a locked gate at Mandai Range. Here, we have a jump a rail to climb over the opposite side, hurling our bikes over; we continue to ride towards Mandai Road at 6.40pm, when the sky’s turning dark by then. We hit the direction towards Zoo and its dark when we reached Singapore Zoo entrance. Hungry form our ride; we made it in time for KFC’s finger licking good last order.

After dinner, we have to make our way back, through the same way we rode but this time, under darkness into the trails without any head lights. Once we rode inside the off-road trail, we were greeted by a bunch of wild boars scrambling for cover the moment they saw two strange figures riding towards them. Although it was dark, amazingly the trail was quite well lighted by the moon light, except for certain section where its covered by heavy canopy of trees. I barely can see a thing except Jay’s shadow and his whisper becomes my guide. But the ride riding was more exciting than we had planned. Although I was exhausted on the return journey, I must keep up with Jay’s speed otherwise I will be left behind. That a joke but in some distant, I can hear wild boars and some unknown sound of animals. I guess the T15 journey only about 2km long but I admit it’s a difference experience to ride at night. So I must say that I did an unusual night safari without paying an entrance fees.

Refreshed after a good warm shower, we were relaxing with a mug of Ben and Jerry’s watching Nat Geo Wild….what a night experience.

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