Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 01012010 @ Yogyakarta

What a difference New Year count down! We were in city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia; from my room in 8th floor, I can see the horizon of the city skyline. The sky was lighted with fireworks when the countdown begins, beautiful! On the street, you can see the people were sitting along the walkway and horning non-stops.

Indonesian seem to have their own version of flutes which selling everywhere for this New Year celebration. 

Local kids playing with the “dragon” flute in the street

We had a lot of fun in the past 6 days in Jogja (Yogyakarta’s indo name) and 01012010 will be the last night for us before flying back to Singapore. I’ve taken a lot of photos in this trip. Can’t wait to scrap about it :)

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