Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Year 2009: Top 10 LO in my eyes - *Daily* Categories

Well, after a long rest, I’ve recovered and back to the old me. Means, I can start scrapbooking again! In fact, I realized scrapbooking has become part of my life routing and I have done lot of layouts / albums last year which I haven’t shared it in the blog. So I decided to pick some of my favorite creations to wrap up my scrapbook journey for year 2009 before I move on to year 2010 projects.

Here's my top10 favorite *Daily* LO....

1.Photo taken during the boat ride back to Singapore, from Ubin island… 

2. "Makan" (means eat in Malay) in our all time favorite restaurant – Bakezine.  I found the K&Company paper fit my theme very well, so once the photos & embellishment in place, Viola!

3. This layout is about our first picnic that we had in Sentosa, a simple day with simple food, but unforgettable memories

4. Silly us, posing with oranges during Chinese New Year

5. Photo taken by Kelvin from the car window


6. Enough of layouts about two of us, let see others... this one is abut my family like eating durian, that’s why I did it in durian color scheme. What I like the most about this layout is the candid shots that show how silly we are, but at the same time we had a lot of fun.

7. I pick this layout simply because this photo showing my mom carrying me when I was very little. I have no idea where or when the photo taken, but my mom does look very young and chic 70’s. So I dedicated this layout with simple method and titled: mom.

8.I always wanted to scrap the Graphic 45’s papers since the day I bought. I love the blue and motif of these papers but I have no cues how to kick off. Thanks to the May Challenge in Laines's blog, it somehow motivated and inspirited me to dedicate this layout to the greatest women in my life, my grandma.

9. A fresh freeze... see how relax I am....

10. How can I not pick up this layout! It is true me… I love shopping, I admit I am a shopaholic, I can shop all day long… especially during my 3 years stay in china, and I can’t help myself in such a shopper paradise. From day one I settle in with one luggage, I courier out 13 cartoons of clothes, shoes, begs to Singapore even after I did my spring cleaning.

Unconsciously I kept so many price tags… so, to “celebrate” my shopping addiction; I did a layout with these tags and match with an old photo taken on one of my shopping day in shanghai. I always wonder if I can stop buying and save the money, I might have become rich man. But too bad, I am a woman.

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